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Old 21st September 2018, 22:29
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

On a linked topic....were any of Weiss claims for IL-2 identifiable as single-seat models? I assume that by 1943 the majority of IL-2 were 2-seaters with a rear-gunner,


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Old 22nd September 2018, 06:54
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

Hi Keith, I hope this goes some way toward answering your question. Heck, it might even answer Knusel's


1st claim
Spitfire VB
Etaples/5km NW of Berck sur Mer @ 2500m
315 sqn. Overclaiming, 2 losses: AB990/A, S/L S Pietraszkiewicz, forcelanded POW and AB927/S, F/O T Nowak KIA (versus total of 4 claims)

2nd claim
Spitfire VB
4-6km W of Boulogne @ 300m
Claimed against 118 sqn? BL332 of F/O R W P McKenzie KIA plus one other cat.B damaged, pilot safe (other claim was by Rudolf Leuschel)

3rd claim
Spitfire VB
485 sqn RNZAF. 2 losses: BL699, F/L M G Barnett and BM383, Sgt. S F Browne. Both evaded capture. S F Browne rose to be CO of 485 sqn and won a DFC (one other was cat.B damaged) (The other claim was by Muencheberg, who also got one from 302 sqn)

15th claim
10km E of Pushkin (PQ 00414) @ 600m
71 IAP KBF. Starshiy Serzhant Evgeny Stepanovich Obraztsov returned WIA (initially reported as KIA)

23rd claim
Curtiss P-40
PQ 00283 @ 4000m
Was this actually a LaGG-3 from 3 GIAP, 61 IABR, KBF? Certainly in combat around this time, no losses mentioned. (Overclaiming?)

24th-26th claims
22.3.43/0853, 0854 and 0855
3 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
Pushkin-Mga sector
943 ShAP suffered 4 losses this date, no further details (not even timings) known. Soviet losses for this day are known to be poorly documented, both 13 VA and VVS KBF

27th claim
La-5 ("LaGG-5")
20km ESE of Mga (PQ 10332) @ 100m
Serzhant Grigory Andreyevich Uvarov of 12 IAE KIA this date. Was this him?

31st claim
10km S of Leningrad (PQ 00154) @ 1500m
13 GBAP, 13 VA. At least 2 losses. Includes Maj. Yurchenko, navigator of one of the Eskadrilya. Posthumously awarded Gold Star of HSU

44th and 45th claims
17.8.43/0850 and 0853
2 x Pe-2s
18 KBAP, 202 BAD. 4 crews lost (versus 5 claims)

52nd -54th claims
23.8.43/1700, 1705, 1707
3 x Pe-2s
Gulf of Finland, N of Kunda
82 BAP. Four Pe-2s lost to fighters, one to flak. (Versus 5 claims)

55th claim 24.8.43/1704 IL-2 Sturmovik Gulf of Finland, N of Kunda Likely to be legitimate. Six known losses this date with eight gunners WIA

63rd and 64th claims
7.9.43/1640 and 1641
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
Yartsevo-Kirov sector
Possibly 70 GShAP, Anwar Khamidovich Mustafin and Alexey Dmitrievich Zhitenev (both POW), pilot Zaichikov KIA but gunner Sergey Andreyevich Barlet baled out POW. Pilots Stukalin and Aliyev both failed to return. Mustafin died in captivity, Barlet later escaped (the formation was definitely in combat with I./JG 51 about half an hour earlier. I seek to determine that this was the same combat)

67th claim
15.9.43/1610 LaGG-3 10km SE of Yelnya (PQ 35341) @ 1000m
1 VA or 240 IAD, 3 VA. 1 VA's La-5 losses include Ml.Lts . Petr Fedotovich Kovaletov, and Viktor Dmitrievich Semenov plus Lt. Ivan Vladimorovich Stadnichik and St.Serzhant Ivan Alekseevich Mironenko of 522 IAP, 215 IAD, 8 IAK all KIA

78th claim
8.12.43/1129 Pe-2 15km NE of Asen @ 4000m Probably 15 ORAP. Details pending

80th claim
15km W of Gorodok (PQ 90423) @ 4000m
4 GIAP-KBF. St.Lt. Sergei Tigranovich Apinov KIA. Unsure if there was another loss (Karl Brill claimed as well)

88th and 89th claims
19.1.44/0945 and 1015
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
Novgorod sector
703 ShAP crew of Ml.Lt. Viktor Alekseevich Shcherbina and Pyotr Mikhailovich Stolyarov apparently carried out a fire taran near Novgorod this date (total of 5 claims, don’t know at this stage if there were any more losses)

100th claim
P-38 Lightning
SE of Oschersleben
VIIIth and IXth Fighter Command. 20 losses. This one appears to be overclaiming.

101st claim
B-17G-35-BO Flying Fortress
20km NW of Colmar @ 7500m
Was this 42-31975/TU- "Queen of the Air" of 510th BS, 351st BG? 1/Lt. Horace E Hopkins and 7 others all KIA, one crewman POW and one evaded capture. Location matches well, but timing is a little out

102nd claim
Spitfire LF IX
3km SE of Caen (PQ UU5-1) @ low altitude
MK902 of 401 sqn RCAF. P/O Norman Marshall KIA - attributed by British to Flak (slight overclaim?)

104th claim
P-47 Thunderbolt
Caen (PQ UU-5) @ 1500m
Likely 78th FG, 5 losses. 82nd FS lost: 42-76547/MX-X of Lt. Robert L Baker KIA. 83rd lost 43-25319/HL-S of Lt. Vincent J Massa KIA. 84th lost 42-25981/WZ-Z of Lt. Daniel T Loyd KIA and also 42-26031/WZ-W of Capt. William F Hunt KIA (acknowledged Bf109 victim), 42-26149/WZ-M of Lt. James F Casey POW (versus about 11 claims….)

105th and 106th claims
17.6.44/1903 and 1908
2 x Spitfire IXs
Capriquet airfield (PQ UT-2) @ 2500m
310 sqn. Overclaiming, no losses (versus 4 claims all up)

107th claim
Mustang IA
Bernay/180 deg from Le Neubourg (PQ UB-69) @ 2000m
FD490 of 268 sqn. F/L V E Lewis WIA
108th and 109th claims
23.6.44/1650 and 1657
2 x Spitfire IXs
Caen Town (PQ UU-2) @ 1200m
229 sqn. Three losses: MA817/9R-P of F/L Ronald Harold Small RAAF KIA, (Serial unknown) of F/O D R Armstrong RCAF Safe and (Serial also unknown) of F/S Hayes damaged (Walter Enser inflicted the 3rd loss)

110th claim
Spitfire IX
Trun/Vimoutiers (PQ AA-4) @ low altitude
MK776 of 411 sqn. F/O P Wallace (also claimed by Horst Nitz of 11./JG 2)

111th claim
Spitfire IX
Isigny - Caen/Carentan-St. Lo (PQ TS-US) @ 3500m
602 "city of Glasgow" sqn. Two losses: ML252 of F/O J W Kelly and MH709(?) of F/S L H Challice. Both pilots KIA (slight overclaiming as Schleef and Kolodzie also claimed)

112th and 113th claims
12.7.44/1430 and 1433
2 x P-47D-20-RE Thunderbolts
Conches (PQ 05 Ost S/AB) @ 600m
366th FS, 358th FG. Overclaiming - only one loss: 42-76466/IA-M of Edward P Blevins KIA over Mesnil-sur-l'Estree (versus 6 claims all up…)

114th and 115th claims
23.7.44/1917 and 1918
2 x P-38J Lightnings
Arpajon/Limours, SW of Paris (PQ BE-4) @ 800m
485th FS, 370th FG. Includes P-38J-15-LOs 42-28348 of 2/Lt. Arthur L Green and 42-28411 of 1/Lt. Charles A Gaignat plus P-38J-10-LOs 42-67975 of 2/Lt. Carleton E Thompson and 42-67986 of 2/Lt. Lloyd C Weins. All KIA

116th claim
B-26B-25-MA Marauder
Vimoutiers (PQ 04 Ost N/AA-1) @ 3000m
41-31805/AN- of 553rd BS, 386th BG. Lt. Frederick O Briggs and crew all KIA. Claimed lost in a mid air collision with an Fw190 (also claimed by Alfred Gross, slight overclaiming)

117th and 118th claims
6.8.44/1221 and 1222
2 x B-24 Liberators
Mantes – Pontoise
2nd BD, 8th AAF. Nine damaged but all made it home. Or misidentified Lancaster from raid intercepted by JG 26?

119th claim
P-38J Lightning
Mortain (PQ BT-4) @ 2300m
Alfred Teumer claimed as well: these were likely two claims for 1/Lt. Horace A Plummer of 401st FS, 370th FG. Evaded capture

120th claim
Spitfire PR XI
1km NW of Apelstedt/SE of Twistringen (PQ ES 8) @ 8000m
PL904 of 541 sqn. F/L McGuaig (McCuaig?) KIA

121st claim
F-5B Lightning
into the sea near Norderney (American sources say Wilhelmshaven) (PQ 05 Ost S/GP-81) @ 1500m
42-67395 of 13th PS, 7th PRG. 1/Lt. Gerald J Budrevich KIA

122nd claim
Spitfire IX
Gersten, 4km NW of Lengerich
PT704/FN-B of 331 sqn RNAF. Capt. Johan Kristoffer Bjorn Raeder KIA
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Old 22nd September 2018, 08:43
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

Good grief, man! Many thanks. I had given up all hope of getting details of Weiss' Eastern Front victories. I have a couple of questions. I have Weiss making eleven claims in the period 2nd until 14th but you seem to have a twelfth. My notes give claims for IL2s on 2nd (2), 3rd and 4th August. A Lagg-3 on 7th, an IL-2 on 12th, LA-5 on 13th and 14th (together with 3 IL-2). In addition I altered my notes from 3 Pe-2 on 23 August to 2 Pe-2 and an Airacobra (no memory of why). In 1944 I have him claiming a Mustang on 7 June 1944, and that his claim for a P-38 was an aircraft of 401FS/370 FG. Your comments or amendments much appreciated.


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Old 22nd September 2018, 08:50
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

...the p-38 claim on 19.05.44
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Old 22nd September 2018, 13:29
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

Hi all

My little contribution

10/06/44=14 claims,overclaiming 180%


04/07/44=6 claims,overclaiming 200%

Weiss 1
Kolodzie 1
Schleef 1
Dortenmann 1

23/07/44=8 claims,overclaiming 100%

Claim's Weiss "Domfront"(Mortain)
As potential victim,I have:2Lt.Robert turner (howewer the time does not match,but the place yes)

Actually no B-24 involved,but bombing mission of the RAF against "L'Isle Adam"(Cassan's Wood,V1 storage depot)

German claims=18

I/JG5=1 (B-17???)

Britisch losses:
Lancaster of 97°Sqd,crashed on a house (4 burned residents)"Ermont-Eaubonne(Gambetta Street)
Lancaster of 83°Sqd,crashed on a school (St-Ouen-L'aumone)
Lancaster of 50°Sqd crashed on a building (Pierrelaye)
Halifax ? crashed

Several written off after their return to England (among these 1 Lancaster of 207°Sqd)

If someone has more specific information? about these.

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Old 24th September 2018, 12:41
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Re: Robert "Bazi"Weiss

Good morning Gentlemen,

I have three German-laguage books that mention Robert Weiss/Weiß
Two spell him Weiß and one Weiss.
Does he have a known tombstone, that could clarify the spelling ?

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