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Old 16th September 2020, 16:11
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Spitfire ix serials of 332 (French) Wing 1944-45

My interest is to find out if they ever operated the Spitfire LFIXe. So far I have only seen mentions of the Spitfire F.IX and the LFIX both with the C-wing.

Some accounts attribute Capitain "GeGe" Gauthier flew the IXe in his last fights but I assumed they would have been low in the pecking order for new Spitfires and the IXe was more likely kept by the Commonwealth and Polish squadrons. However I note that the LFXVIe was replacing the IXe in the RAF/RCAF/RNZAF squadrons

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Old 19th September 2020, 14:35
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Re: Spitfire ix serials of 332 (French) Wing 1944-45

Here is a list of all known (to me) Spitfires of EC 1.
I made no distinction between LF.IX and F.IX models, nor C or E wing.

1e Escadre de Chasse (EC 1), aka 322 Wing RAF:

326 (NICE) SQUADRON RAF aka GC 2/7 'Nice'
(also listed as II/7)
Amblems SPA 73 and SPA 78 (black panther and storch).
Codes 8J and 9I at the end of war.
Spitfire V (XII.43.-IV.44.).
Spitfire VB: EP813/V (accident Sidi Amor 15.4.44.), ER173 (ex 242 Sqn), ES123 (acc. 5.4.43), JK118 (also RAF 274 Sqn, 'V', Africa XII.43, Italy III.44. Later 352 Sqn/1. eskadrila NOVJ, crashed Vis 4.11.44.)
Spitfire VC: EE856 (also 80 Sqn III.44), EF644 (flew until 9.3.44.), EF686, EF716 (ditched 11.6.44), JG746, JG885 (1945), JK185, JK519 (later 'W', 73 Sqn, Balkan Air Force. shot down by flak, Gospić, 10.7.44), JK524 (Corsica 43.), JK806, JK823, JK833, JK867, JK923, JK937, JL114, JL316/2 (Ajaccio 43.), MA889 (lost 6.6.44.), MH593 (later 253 Sqn and shot down over NDH, Krupa 22.5.44), MH594.
Spitfire IX (under RAF control XII.44-XI.45):
JK881 (acc. Luxueil 20.1.45), LV751, MA503 (ex 327 Sqn. Acc. Luxueil 9.3.45.), MA254, MA512, MA711, MA730, MH482, MH663/P (Luxeuil), MH717, MH777, MH894, MJ127/F (shot down 14.1.45), MJ345/T (Luxeuil), MJ346, MJ395 (XI.45), MJ408, MJ458 (later GC 2/1), MJ465/04 (later GC 1/1), MJ475, MJ478 (later GC 1/4), MJ528, MJ581, MJ712, MJ737 (ex 232 Sqn), MJ825 (later GC 1/6), MJ882, MK132, MK234, MK287, MK292, MK295, MK320, MK603 (later GC 1/1, destroyed 11.7.51.), MK629, MK690, MK717 (acc. 6.12.45.), MK734, MK756 (later 327 Sqn, later GC 2/1), MK804, MK812, MK832 (later GC 2/3), ML276 (acc. Luxueil 16.2.45), ML300 (8J-L, piloted usually by 13 victory ace P. Boillot), ML319, ML365, ML382 (later GC 1/1), NH248, NH377, NH585, PL210, PL286, PL314, PL402, PT496 (ex 328 Sqn), PT758, PT783, PT823, PT908, PT993, PV155, PV234, PV292 (later GC 1/6), RK817

Amblems SPA 88 and SPA 69 (snake and cat's head)
Numbers on fuselage, later codes U6 and 7E.
Spitfire VB: AR435 (SOC 18.7.45.)
Spitfire VC: BP959, ER931 (also Advanced Flying Unit RAF, Setif, and French 328 Sqn), JL121, JL231 (1945), JL244/7
Spitfire VIII: JF749 (1945), LV751 (Dijon/Longvic), MT627, MT633 (Cuers X.44., belly-landed 14.12.44)
Spitfire IX: MA466, MA503 (later 326 Sqn, acc. 9.3.45.), MA528 (also 328 Sqn), MH618, MH708, MH758, MJ114, MJ133, MJ198, MJ284, MJ348, MJ360 (later GC 1/1), MJ408, MJ415, MJ423 (also 328 Sqn), MJ456 (ex 328 Sqn), MJ530 (also 328 Sqn), MJ605, MJ822 (also GC 2/1), MJ842 or MJ848 ("ELIANE", 1e esc, Strasbourg/Entzheim IV.45.), MK259, MK266, MK295 (also 326 Sqn), MK369, MK467, MK756 (also GC 2/1), MK910 (lost in Indochine 24.10.48), ML140, ML214, ML270 (acc. Meknes, 20.1.49), ML397, MT765 (also 92 Sqn RAF), NH205, NH248 (also 326 Sqn), NH306, NH315 (also GC 2/1), NH368 (also 328 Sqn), NH519, NH538, PK995, PL159 (U6-V, Stuttgart), PL210, PL265, PL367, PT400, PT533, PT908 (also 326 Sqn), PT995, PV144, RK900, RK906, RR187

Amblems SPA 15 and SPA 77 (yellow cross on blue ensign and u knights helmet kaciga).
Code S8 at the end of war.
Spitfire VB:
BL572, EP841 (crashed 2.6.44), ER250, ER319, ER326, ER625/11, ER807/9 (Taher II.44.), ER809
Spitfire VC:
AR524/4 (1943-44), EF536, ER931, JG848, JK178, JK326, JK600, JK739, JK784, JK823, JK824, JK833 (acc. Ghisonaccia 16.12.43.), JK836, JK886, JK887, JK939, JK943 (also 73 OTU), JL162, JL210, JL233 (also 73 OTU), JL244 (also 73 OTU), JL316, JL326, JL387
Spitfire VIII: JF296 (returned to RAF)
Spitfire IX: JL234, JL377, LZ842 (232 Sqn 'EF-F', Malta VIII.43. Also 93 Sqn. 328 Sqn X.44. SAAF after war, Cape Town 1948.), MA401, MA512, MA574/A (Corsica VIII.44), MA622, MH418 (later GC 1/1), MH663/C, MH988, MJ415 (later GC 1/3), MJ428, MJ456 (later 327 Sqn), MJ457, MJ530 (also 327 Sqn), MJ686 (ex 232 Sqn), MJ952 (ex 232 Sqn; to w/s 3.5.45), MJ954, MJ959 (later GC 1/1), MJ984 (SOC 23.10.44.), MJ986, MK127, MK366, MK484 (returned to RAF), MK619 (later GC 1/1, destroyed 16.10.48), ML270 (acc. Meknes, 20.1.49.), ML397 (later 327 Sqn), MT627 (ex 232 Sqn, later 327 Sqn), MT933 (ex 232 Sqn), NH289 (to w/s 2.11.44), NH306 (later 327 Sqn), NH326/O (Luxeuil), NH368 (later 327 Sqn), PL138 (GC 1/7 after the war), PL152 (later GC 2/1), PL196, PL271, PT359, PT367 (later 327 Sqn), PT401 (later 327 Sqn), PT435 (to w/s 19.4.45), PT467/C, PT496 (later 326 Sqn), PT732 (later 327 Sqn), PT995 (later 327 Sqn), PV147, PV175, PV180, RK906, RR200

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Old 19th September 2020, 15:42
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Re: Spitfire ix serials of 332 (French) Wing 1944-45

Excellent list Zoran

Thanks for sharing not only Mk IXs but also their V and VIIIs

Saves me a lot of time when/if I want to check the French units!!!

I hope Keith is as pleased as I am....

Thanks again
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