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Old 14th October 2018, 10:23
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Siegfried LEMKE

Hello all

Different sources credit it from 56,70,95 "abschusse":a hell of a difference!!

What is the number of his "abchusse"?

Died on 18/12/95 (74 years old),no one had the idea to contact him?

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Old 14th October 2018, 15:33
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Re: Siegfried LEMKE

Hi, Michel

I am inclined to say around the 55 victories mark. Based on Johannes list, plus one other that he did not include (18.11.44, 52nd on my list) this is what I have been able to compile:

Siegfried Lemke

1st claim
Spitfire IX
20-25km N of Fecamp @ 7500m
340 sqn. Overclaiming, only one loss: BS548/B of Capt. O Massart only damaged
(Eder and Paulus also claimed)

2nd claim
B-17 Flying Fortress
10km SE of Ile de Groix @ 7500m
Day's losses to fighters: 305th BG lost B-17F-30-BO 42-5063/KY-K of 366th BS, 1/Lt Joe H Roney Jr and 4 others KIA, remaining 5 crewmen all POW; 364th BS lost B-17 B-17F-40-BO 42-5219/WF-K of 2/Lt. Roy E Richards and 5 others KIA, remaining 4 crewmen all POW; B-17F-65-BO 42-29663/WF-H of 1/Lt. Donald W Tuttle and 6 others POW, remaining 4 crewmen all KIA; B-17F-70-BO 42-29745/WF-M of Capt. Varney D Cline and 4 others returned safely, remaining 5 crewmen all KIA. 410th BS, 94th BG lost B-17F-60-BO 42-29627 "Midnight" of 1/Lt. Edward J Spevak and 3 others evaded, 5 POW and 1 KIA (already damged by Flak). 338th BS, 96th BG lost B-17F-70-BO 42-29767 "Boot Hill" of Capt. William G Carnahan and 2 others POW, 6 evaded and 2 KIA (attributed to Flak and fighters)

3rd claim
B-17 Flying Fortress
10km SW of St. Nazaire @ 3500m
360th BS, 303rd BG lost B-17F-27-BO 41-24602/PU-A "Yardbird" of 1/Lt. Joseph E Trojan and 7 others POW, remaining 2 crewmen both KIA (already damaged by Flak). 422nd BS, 305th BG lost B-17F-35-BO 41-29531/JJ-Z of 1/Lt. Marshall R Peterson and crew all POW except one man KIA. 509th BS, 351st BG lost B-17F-35-BO 42-29838/RQ-U "The Concho Clipper" of 1/Lt. Colonel J Russell Jr and 5 others POW, remaining 4 crewmen all KIA (already damaged by Flak. 88 shell took out ball turret). 525th BS, 379th BG lost B-17F-25-DL 42-3113/FR-F of 1/Lt. Arthur P Hale and crew all POW. 410th BS, 94th BG lost B-17F-65-BO 41-29476/GL- of 1/Lt. Max L Hecox and crew all KIA except one man POW plus 42-29692/GL- of 1/Lt. Merle E Brown and crew all KIA except one man POW. 335th BS, 95th BG lost B-17F-65-BO 42-29689/OE-H of Lt. Cody U Watson and 4 others evaded, 5 POW (attributed to collision with a fighter). 337th BS, 96th BG lost B-17F-20-DL 42-3042/AW- of 1/Lt. Jack L McMath and 6 others KIA, remaining 3 crewmen all POW to Fw190
(some other B-17s matched directly to other pilots’ claims)

4th claim
B-17 Flying Fortress
PQ 4722/14 West @ 7000m
Overclaiming - actual losses were 8 shot down, many damaged. Only loss not otherwise accounted for was B-17F-80-BO 42-29967/PY- of 327th BS, 92nd BG. Lt. John J Campbell and crew all POW.

5th claim
Spitfire LF IX
25km NW of Montdidier @ 6500m
(Henning and Diekert also claimed)
Were these three claims all for EN572 of 485 sqn RNZAF? S/L J M Checketts DFC evaded capture

Unspecified type

6th claim
Typhoon Ib
6km SW of Honfleur @ 800m
(Fuchs and Lorey also claimed)
These three claims were all for EJ915 of 486 sqn RNZAF. F/S H C Saward POW (overclaiming)

7th claim
Spitfire IX
Crillon (20km NW of Beauvais) @ 5500m
MB805 of 91 "Nigeria" sqn. F/L Gray Stenborg RNZAF DFC and Bar KIA

8th claim
Mustang I
Elbeuf, 060 deg SE of Rouen (Lisieux sector) (PQ TC-7.3) @ 0-5m
(claim by Peukert as well)
268 sqn, 2 losses: 41-37453/FD551 (given as FD561 by Tony Wood) of F/O G E C Pease POW and FD533 (given as FD546 by Tony Wood) of F/S W Mell KIA

9th claim
Typhoon Ib
3km E of Champenard (NE of Evreux) @ 5-0m
JP434 of 245 sqn.F/O Oliver Barton James DFM MM KIA (this was a one-handed pilot who lost a hand in an incident in a Hampden)

10th claim
Mustang I
Brionne, 10km N of Bolbec @ 5-0m
AP173/K of 400 sqn RCAF. F/O Frederick John Parsons KIA - initially attributed by British to Flak?

Unconfirmed claim
Unspecified type

11th claim
SW of Bayeux (PQ 15 West S/UT 1) @ 0-5m
2nd TAF? Overclaiming, doesn't seem to be a matchable loss

12th claim
Spitfire Vc
Hyeres (Marseilles) @ 2000m
4th FS, 52nd FG. Judging by timing, either JK705 of Howard Beedle Jr KIA or JK945 of Bethard Ottaway Cornwell

13th claim and 14th claims
27.1.44/1113 and 1117
Spitfire Vc
Hyeres (Marseilles) @ 2000m/ Hyeres (PQ 04 Ost S/DN-1) @ 600m
4th FS, 52nd FG. Judging by timing, these two claims were for JK602 of Lyle Richard Kater and (ER653?) of Lt. John Carlton Burchfield

15th claim
B-17 Flying Fortress
Etain/100km SE of Nice (PQ EQ-8) @ 6500m

16th claim
Spitfire Vc
SE of Cannes (PQ 04 Ost S/CP-22) @ 2500m
EF647 of 4th FS, 52nd FG. F/O James H Montgomery Jnr POW (known to have been the first one down in the encounter, some sources say he was KIA)

17th claim
Spitfire Vc
SE of Cannes (PQ 04 Ost S/CP-3) @ 1500m
JK160 (coded black 3?) of 4th FS, 52nd FG. F/O Robert Anderson Hoover POW (some sources reverse the serials of Hoover's and Bishop's Spitfires)

18th claim
Spitfire Vc
SE of Cannes (PQ 04 Ost S/CP-9) @ 200m
MA883/WD-R of 4th FS, 52nd FG. Lt. John L Bishop POW (some sources reverse the serials of Hoover's and Bishop's Spitfires)

19th claim
Spitfire Vc
SE of Cannes (PQ 04 Ost S/CQ-58) @ 1200m
4th FS, 52nd FG. Was this the aircraft of Lt. Stanley Pell? Only damaged

20th and 21st claims
29.2.44/1710 and 1722
2 x Spitfire IXs
2km N of Nettuno @ 700m/20km SW of the Tiber Estuary @ 500m
Was one of these JK227 (of 93 sqn?)?

22nd and 23rd claims
3.3.44/1148 and 1153
5km N of Farnese @ 8500m/Vallentano @ 4800m
2 x P-47D-16-RE Thunderbolts
325th FG. 318th FS lost 42-75961 of Joseph M Walker baled out POW plus 42-75962 of William M Ridgway MIA and 42-7607 plus 42-75760 of Raymond V Been returned whilst 317th FS lost 42-76007 of John T Eastman POW in Viterbo area

24th and 25th claims
7.3.44/0945 and 0957
2 x Spitfire IXs
NE of Nettuno
601 "City of London" sqn. Overclaiming, only one loss: JR806 of F/Lt. William Raymond "Hindoo" Henderson KIA
(Adalbert Sommer and Franz Malsch also claimed)

26th claim
B-24 Liberator
55km SW of Tarquinia @ 4000m
459th BG. Overclaiming, no losses

27th claim
A-36A ("Mustang")
5km N of Rome @ 800m
86th FBG. Overclaiming, only two losses: 42-84105 of 2/Lt. Robert P Teeple POW and 42-83871 of 2/Lt. Russell Palmer KIA
(Penz, Schroeder and Dollenmeier all claimed as well)

28th claim
20km NE of Nettuno @ 3500m
145 and 601 "City of London" sqns. Overclaiming, no losses except slight damage to one or two
(Wirtgen claimed as well)

29th claim
B-26 Marauder
5km NW of Roma @ 3700m
42nd BW. Uncertain if there were any actual losses (one reported missing at the time but two of the 320th BG's machines landed at other bases), 5 listed as damaged by fighters

30th claim
12km W of Kap Anzio @ 4000m
72 sqn. Losses were MA521/RN-S of W/O H G Turgeon (not listed by CWGC) MIA and MH699/RN-N of F/L G H Mayes hit in the wing and crashlanded back at base
(Wirtgen claimed as well)

31st claim
5km S of Maritano @ 300m
Based on timing, this was likely claimed against EF751/VF-P of 5th FS, 52nd FG. 2/Lt. Richard Albert Ritchings baled out POW
(Again, Wirtgen claimed as well)

32nd claim
5km NW of Mignano @ 4000m
Was this EF751, lost this date? 31st FG lost MH999 of Lt. O'Brien at 1730 UST and one other damaged (so this was likely an overclaim or the damaged Spitfire)
(Bielohlawek claimed as well)

33rd claim
10km W of Frosinone @ 3800m
Was this EF751, lost this date? 31st FG lost MH999 of Lt. O'Brien at 1730 UST and one other damage (so this was possibly him)
(Diekert claimed as well)

34th claim
5km W of Moltalto di Castro
Two Spitfires from 52nd FG lost this date, while a third was damaged: EF703/VF-Q of Lt. Robert C Boyd, EE858/VF-E of Capt. Eugene C Steinbrenner and Lt. Charles E DeVoe was WIA (damaged)

35th and 36th claims
19.3.44/0953 and 1002
20km W of Tarquinia/20km W of Moltalto di Castro

Two Spitfires from 52nd FG lost this date, while a third was damaged: EF703/VF-Q of Lt. Robert C Boyd, EE858/VF-E of Capt. Eugene C Steinbrenner and Lt. Charles E DeVoe was WIA (damaged)

37th claim
P-39 Airacobra
7 km SW Montalto di Castro 0-30 m
347th FS, 350th FG. Bounced by Fw190s but no losses mentioned
(Wirtgen claimed as well)

38th claim
P-38 Lightning
30km NW of Nancy @ 7500m
Was this P-38J-15-LO 42-104289/MC- "Nan's Honey" of 77th FS, 20th FG? Lt. Benjamin F McCarty POW
(Ludwig-Friedrich Hartmann claimed as well)

39th claim
P-51 Mustang
Doulevent-le-Chateau (PQ CK-4.5) @ 4600m
Day's losses include P-51B-10-NA 42-106601/5Q- of 504th FS, 339th FG, Lt. Paul M Myer KIA and
P-51B-1-NA 43-12468/G4-L of 362nd FS, 357th FG. Fletcher Eugene Adams baled out but murdered
(there were at least 7 claims all up)

40th claim
Spitfire IX
3km SE of Tilly (PQ UT-3) @ 1800m
Aircraft from 310 and 332 sqns crashlanded for unknown causes around this time

41st and 42nd claims
7.6.44/0618 and 1913
2 x P-47 Thunderbolts
Caen sector
9th AAF? Day's losses include P-47D-4-RA 42-22749 of 365th FG and P-47D-2-RE 42-8379 of 506th FS, 404th FG. 62nd FS, 56th FG lost P-47D 42-26274/LM- of Lt. Donald J Furlong KIA and 42-26342/LM-S of Lt. Wendel M McClure evaded capture plus 42-76118/LM- of Lt. Alfred D Evans KIA and 42-76254/LM-P of Lt. Eugene M Bennett evaded

43rd claim
P-51 Mustang
SE of Dreux/180 deg from Houdan (PQ AD-7 to BD-1) @ 400m
8th or 9th AAF. Losses include P-51C-1-NT 42-103299/D7- of 503rd FS, 339th FG. Lt. Robert C Smith KIA

44th claim
12.6.44/ 1047
St. Pierre sur Dives (Lisieux area) (PQ UA-7) @ 400m
2nd TAF. Possible overclaiming, all Typhoon losses this day attributed to flak

45th claim
Mustang I ("Typhoon")
Louviers (Rouen-Evreux area) (PQ UC-2.1) @ 400m
(Hohagen and Kopf claimed as well)
2nd TAF. Possible overclaiming, all Typhoon losses this day attributed to flak. Or, more likely a claim for 268 sqn. Overclaiming, only one loss: 41-37454/FD552 of F/O M H Cullen baled out POW

46th and 47th claims
15.6.44/0642 and 0644
2 x Spitfire IXs
E of Evreux (PQ UC-8) @ 100m
132 Wing (331 and 66 sqns). Overclaiming - no losses attributable to fighters but MJ728/T of Lt. Kjell Sandvig KIA (attributed to flak by some sources)

48th claim
P-51A-1-NA Mustang II
Near St. Julien, NW of Lisieux (PQ UU-3 - UA-4) @ 1000m
2 sqn, only 1 loss: 43-6025/FR892 of F/O B C Tasker RNZAF KIA
(versus 4 claims in totals)

49th claim
Typhoon Ib
Dreux/St. Andre-del-Eure (PQ AC-5/4 or AC-54) @ 1600m
JP975 of 609 "West Riding" sqn. P/O J K Stellin CdG RNZAF KIA

50th claim
P-38J Lightning
E of Koeln-Bonn (PQ 05 Ost S/NG-5.8) @ 1800m
392 FS and 394th FS, 367th FG . 392nd lost 44-23521/H5- of 1/Lt.Col Morris C Crossen KIA and 44-23586/H5- of 1/Lt. S E Malone POW. 394th lost 42-67892/4N- of 2/Lt. Robert A Bradford and 42-68164/4N- of 2/Lt. James J Edmondson, both POW.
(versus ca. 10 claims)

51st claim
P-47D-27-RE Thunderbolt
E of Koeln-Bonn (PQ 05 Ost S/QP-1) @ 1200m
42-27343/4W- of 406th FS, 371 st FG. 1/Lt. Harry H Tait Jr POW
(overclaiming, there were at least 3 other claims)

52nd claim
P-47D Thunderbolt
Spessart (PQ QT-4) @ 2500m
61st FS, 56th FG. 2 losses: P-47D-25-RE 42-26831/HV- of Lt. Jack D DeMars KIA and P-47D-28-RA 42-28623/HV-S of Capt. Gordon John Blake POW
(versus at least 4 claims)

53rd claim
Tempest V
near Bielefeld/Eifel (PQ 05 Ost S/PO) @ 2500m
56 sqn. No losses (Said by some sources to be EJ788 of 80 sqn, F/L M J Weston POW which was actually lost hours later at ca.1540, likely to Flak)

54th and 55th claims
23.12.44/1449 and 1451
2 x P-47 Thunderbolts
SW of Koeln (PQ 05 Ost S/NO) @ 2500m
8th or 9th AAF. Day's losses include 44-19767/LM-M of 62nd FS, 56th FG. Lt. Charles E Carlson KIA. 63rd FS lost P-47D 44-19911/UN-R of F/O John E Lewis KIA. Definite losses to fighters were 44-19916
of 395th FS, 368th FG. 2/Lt. Bryce A Ralston KIA near Kruft. Same FG lost 42-76482 of 396th FS near Bleckhausen
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